US Roulette Tips

If you are a US based Roulette player, searching for a high quality Roulette site that will allows American players then locating one can be quite a task! Although there are thousands of casinos not all of them are US player friendly.

Even those online casinos which will allow US Roulette players to sit down and play their games are not all of the quality which you should be demanding, so we have the following US Roulette players guide below to help you find a great site at which to play.

This guide is made up of several different parts, and you should use it as a checklist when looking for a top class online casino at which to play, to ensure you never run into any problems!

Here are our roulette tips for Americans:

US Online Roulette Games

As you may or may not be aware, in regards to the number of different Roulette variants you can find and play online, there are quite a few, so if you do intend to play online then look out for sites offering more than one variant.

Do not play at sites which offer you just one type of Roulette variant, as more often that not that variant will be the American double zero Roulette game which has a huge house edge for you to overcome.

Try and play the European or French Roulette variant which offers you wheels with just one single zero in play on them, and therefore boast the very lowest house edge.

Below are the many different Roulette variants which are available to US Roulette players, and as you can see there are quite a few of them available!

  • Multi Player Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • Pinball Roulette
  • Hot Streak Roulette
  • 3 Wheel Roulette
  • Triple Bonus Spin Roulette
  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette
  • Expert Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette

Many of the above Roulette variants which are available to US players, boasts special bonus type sidebets, and these will payout a range of additional payouts when certain events occur during the game.

One other US Roulette variant which is very popular with players is the progressive Roulette game, this has a jackpot which keeps on growing until won.

So look out for this variant if you are seeking a huge instant jackpot win when you next sit down to play Roulette online.

Picking a Good US Roulette Site

Make sure that the online casino at which you are thinking of playing at has all of the following features and qualities, to ensure you have a completely hassle free time when playing there:

  • The casino must let you deposit in US Dollars.
  • All transactions must be processed instantly.
  • Look for a large range of deposit options.
  • An equally high amount of withdrawal options should be available.
  • Only play at US Roulette sites which are licensed and regulated.
  • Play at casinos which use well known software providers games.

Some casinos which cater for US Roulette players will impose very high minimum cash out values, and such you should avoid such sites, as you should be able to cash out any amount whenever you like.

Finally, in regards to playing at an online casino which allows and accepts US Players make sure their payout time scale is a day or two, as some casinos hold onto your withdrawal for weeks or even months!

US Roulette Playing Tips

Once you have found your perfect Roulette site at which to play, then you will be ready to start playing! Below are a collection of US Roulette playing hints and tips to help you get even more value from your Roulette action.

Welcome Bonuses – A very valuable tip we can give you is in regards to any online casinos welcome bonus offer. If you are thinking of taking one, and are then hoping to play Roulette, stop right there!

Not all welcome bonuses can be used on the game of Roulette, and as such you need to carefully go through all of the rules of each welcome bonus you are taking to see if the game is allowed to be played with a welcome bonus.

If you do not check the bonus rules along with the terms and conditions but start to play Roulette, then try and cash out any winnings, if it is a game which cannot be played with a bonus, your winnings will be voided!

US Dollar Deposits – Whilst the majority of online casinos will let you play in US Dollars, some sites may force you to deposit and play in a different currency.

This will then leave you open to any fluctuations or swings in the value of the Dollar, and as such you could end up losing a fair chunk of both your deposited amount and withdrawal amount!

So always check to see that you can indeed both deposit and withdrawal in Dollars, and if that casino you are considering playing at will not let you play in US Dollars then play somewhere else!

Fair Roulette Games – Not all online Roulette sites offer fair games, this may or may not surprise you, however, history has shown some sites offer unfair and non random games!

With this in mind, and to guarantee you are always playing fair and random games you need to stick to playing at long established online casinos, and at sites which are powered by a leading software company.

By doing this you will be able to play Roulette online with complete confidence. So look out for the software providers used at any Roulette site, and if they are not well known then the best policy is to avoid such sites.

Making a Deposit – Finally, with some US Roulette players having difficulty in making deposits, then consider using pre paid Visa Cards as a way to fund your online casino account, as these types of deposit options have the highest levels of success.

Be aware that you may find many online casinos offering the game of Roulette, but will only let US players make a withdrawal by check, so this will often add several days onto the processing times for you to receive your winnings.