Roulette Tips and Tricks

The vast majority of casino players will have given the game of Roulette a try at one time or another. The high winning potential of this popular casino table game is one of the main reasons why it is a hugely popular game.

When you play Roulette either in a land based or online casino, the games play exactly the same way, and at the heart of both of them in the fact that they are both completely random.

A novice player will no doubt, once they discover the game, starting hunting around for as many Roulette tips and playing tricks as they possibly can, and may become obsessed with the game thinking it can easily be beaten.

Due to the very nature of Roulette, and its completely random game play, there may not appear to be many tips or tricks you may immediately think of, however there are a quite a few of them!

This is why we have put together the following guide to playing Roulette, and to save you looking around for all of the best Roulette playing, hints, tips and tricks, we have put them all in one easy to find place.

You do need to be aware however that a lot of useless Roulette systems are on offer online, and never be tempted to pay for such a playing system as they will never be as good as they are made out to be!

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Biased Wheel Roulette Tips

When you are playing Roulette in a land based casino, or via a live casino online, then it is possible, however quite rare, that you will discover a biased Roulette wheel in play.

All mechanical devices will, over time, suffer from wear and tear and any casinos Roulette wheel is not immune to such wear and tear, and this can lead to strange anomalies becoming a reality on such wheels.

Should a Roulette wheel not be completely balanced then certain areas of the wheel will become more prevalent than others, and this will result in certain groups of numbers spinning in more often that others.

Players are always on the look out for such biased wheels, and will spend hours monitoring the numbers spun in, looking out for patterns indicating a biased wheel.

Whilst the odds of you coming across such a wheel are huge, you may stumble across such a wheel, and when you do then you could be in the money! Here are a few indicators that a wheel may be biased:

  • Certain number groupings spin in more than others.
  • Even when the wheel is spun faster these numbers still spin in.
  • Players at the table seem to repeat the same bets over and over again.
  • Some players are repeatedly winning time and time again.

Should you find a biased wheel, then you are not doing anything illegal by turning it to your advantage, however the art to keeping this biased wheel a secret is to not draw attention to yourself!

Winning Roulette Tips and Tricks

Choosing which Roulette table you are going to sit down and play at, is going to have a massive impact on whether you will have a winning session or a losing one, and the reason for this is Roulette games are not all designed equal.

There are three main types of Roulette games you will come across, both in land based casinos and when you are playing online. So pay attention to what we are about to tell you!

These three main types of Roulette games are the American Roulette game, the European Roulette game, and the French Roulette game, and all of them have subtle differences in the way they play and pay.

The American Roulette game is one that you should always avoid playing, and the reasons for this are highlighted below:

  • American Roulette has two zeros in play on the wheel.
  • The house edge of American Roulette is a huge 5.26%.
  • The five number wager on this wheel has a 7.89% house edge.

If you are new to playing Roulette, then the above facts and figures may not seem that unusual, that is however, until you compare them to the European wheel:

  • European Roulette has just one zero in play on the wheel.
  • The house edge of European Roulette is a 2.70%.

As you have seen from the above details regarding the European wheel, due to its lower house edge, which is due to this variant having just one zero, then it offers much better value to players.

However there is another Roulette game which makes the above two seem very poor options to play, and this game is the French Roulette game, the details of which are as follows:

  • French Roulette has just one zero in play on the wheel.
  • The house edge of French Roulette is a 1.35%.
  • All even money paying wagers will not lose when zero spins in.
  • On the En Prison variant these wagers stay in place for the next spin.
  • On the La Partage variant half of the value of these wagers are lost.

So, should you want our best Roulette tip, then it is to stick to playing only the French Roulette variant, due to its tiny house edge. Playing any other variant is going to give you very poor value!

Tips and Tricks For Playing Roulette

One other aspect of playing Roulette, more so in a land based casino, is that often you cannot place your chips where you want to place them. This could be due to the number of fellow players taking up all the room!

So one trick for playing Roulette is for you to always try and secure the middle position at the side of the table, as you should easily be able to reach every single betting positions on the wheel.

However if that is not possible, then always remember that the Croupier is there to help you, and as such if you want to place a wager on a part of the table you cannot reach, then ask him or her to place them for you!