Roulette Strategy Tips

There are several different factors which you need to consider when you are thinking of playing any form of Roulette strategy online.

The first thing to take into account is your bankroll, the next thing to consider is your staking plan, and the third is the strategy or system you intend to adopt.

In this section of our website we will look at these different parts of a Roulette playing strategy, in the hope that it will enable you to get a full understanding of how to play your wagers.

It is of course impossible to guarantee a winning session when you play Roulette, that is down to Lady Luck, but by becoming a much more savvy player with a deeper understanding of the game you should start to get more enjoyable sessions.

Getting Value From Your Roulette Bankroll

The amount of money you have set aside to play any session of Roulette with is known as your bankroll, and any good Roulette strategy will involve you treating this bankroll with the maximum of respect!

Before you place your first wager onto any Roulette table you need to get the maximum value out of your bankroll. So if you are playing online then one way to get a bigger starting balance is of course via a casinos bonus.

With 100% deposit bonuses being found all over the internet, at a large number of online casinos, then doubling your initial balance is a simple process, and will give you more ammunition to play with.

Another way to maximum your bankroll is by the additional of casino comps, these are points which you will be awarded for each real money wager placed and played on the Roulette games.

Ensure that you are a fully signed up member of the casinos comp or loyalty scheme at whichever casino you are playing at, before you start to play, this guarantees you are earning those valuable comp points when you start to play.

Once you have your bankroll, and any bonuses in place, and made sure you will be earning comps on all of your Roulette action then you can now move onto the staking plan for your Roulette playing strategy

Roulette Strategy Staking Plan

You need to set yourself a rigid staking plan when playing any form of Roulette system or strategy, and this will include two things known as a stop loss limit and a winning goal.

Stop Loss Limit – Not every Roulette session you play online is going to be a winning one, and this is where it really will pay dividends for you to set up a stop loss limit, whenever you sit down and play Roulette.

What this stop loss limit is, is a figure based on a percentage of your current bankroll, that should you reach then you call an end to your current session, to ensure you do not leave it empty handed.

The amount you set as your own personal stop loss limit is of course completely upto yourself, but you do need one in place, two examples of a sensible stop loss limit is either 25% or 50% of your stating balance.

So when you have, let’s say 500.00 in your bankroll, and due to a bad run of luck you lose 250.00 of that bankroll, then walk away from the game and end that session. This takes a lot of discipline but will ultimately ensure you never bust out completely!

Winning Goal – The one thing to remember about playing Roulette, or in fact any form of casino game, is that the game will always be available tomorrow! This is where having a winning goal will be important.

You need to understand that winning at Roulette is the reason why you are playing it, and any profit is good. So by putting into your Roulette playing strategy a winning goal will enable you to end any winning session when you are in profit.

The value of this winning goal is again completely upto yourself, however the more sensible figure you attach to it, the more chance you will have of reaching it. So look at either increasing your starting balance by 50% or 100%, then if you do, stop playing and be happy that you have won!

Unit Stake – You will also need to work out a unit stake at which you will be playing Roulette for. In regards to this you need to divide up your bankroll into small unit amounts.

It really does depend on how you wish to play each session in regards to what your unit stake should be, however if you are looking to play straight up bets, then try and set the stakes at which you play these numbers for carefully.

One good rule of thumb is for all of your straight up bets to be set at 1/100th of your bankroll, so if you have a 300.00 starting balance for example, then place no more than 3.00 on each straight up wager you make.

However when you are playing the outside bets, for example the High or Low numbers, or the Red or Black numbers, then use a unit stake or around 1/10th of your bankroll.

This will equate to you placing 30.00 wagers onto any of these outside betting propositions should your bankroll be, as in our example 300.00

Roulette System Types

It is upto yourself which type of Roulette system you choose to play, however, as the game is of course random, then perhaps you are best to simply place your chips randomly onto the betting layout and hope for the best!

If you place lots of chips all over the betting layout then you stand a good chance of having one of those numbers coming in, however always be aware of the fact that you could also lose them all if none of those numbers spin in.

So one sensible way to play Roulette is for you to stick to the outside bets, as this will allow you to cover a large amount of numbers on the Roulette wheel but for one set staked amount, instead of covering them all individually.