Roulette Bankroll Tips

The way in which you stake your Roulette games will result in you having several different types of playing sessions. As such you need to decide which type of session you are seeking before you start to play.

Many players will prefer to play a low variance type of session, which is made possible by them using their Roulette bankroll in a certain way to ensure they cover as many numbers as possible.

By covering a large amount of numbers, this will mean they stand a fair chance of having lots of winning spins, however the amounts they will win on each spin when successful will be modest.

At the other end of the scale we have the high variance type of playing sessions, this is where a players bankroll is used in a boom or bust type of style.

This will see them selecting fewer numbers on the betting layout, in the hope of them having much higher payouts, should that is, their numbers start to spin in. However by playing in this way a lot of risk is involved!

Below we will show you several Roulette bankroll tips in regards to playing in either a conservative way, or in a more high risk, high reward fashion. It is of course up to yourself how you choose to play Roulette!

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High Variance Roulette Bankroll Tips

The main attraction of using your Roulette bankroll in a high variance type of playing fashion is, that it can and does, when all goes well, result in some huge winning payouts.

However the opposite is just as true, and you can often find yourself on a bad run, and when this happens your bankroll could vanish rather quickly!

Below is one way of playing in a high variance fashion, with the hope of you receiving some large winning payouts, however you will need a fair amount of luck,which is always a possibility when playing Roulette!

  • Stick to Straight Up number bets only when playing.
  • Choose no more than 5 or maybe 6 numbers to wager on.
  • Each wager should be staked at around one fifth of your bankroll.
  • Stick to your chosen numbers rigidly and never deviate.

By playing in the way mentioned above, should you have a small run of winning numbers spinning in, which are your chosen numbers, then some fair sized payouts will be achieved.

However be aware that if your chosen numbers do not spin in, then your bankroll will quickly diminish and could become exhausted, so always be aware of this when playing this high risk, high reward type of strategy.

Low Variance Roulette Bankroll Strategy

Should you be seeking a more conservative way of playing Roulette, then you will need to use your bankroll in such a way as to get the maximum value out of it, on every single spin you make.

This will mean you will have to play with low valued chips, along with playing and covering as many numbers on the Roulette wheel as possible. As you will be covering a lot of numbers, the rewards will be small.

The types of roulette bets you will be making with your bankroll, when playing a low variance type of Roulette session, will be on the even money paying wagers, and/or the 12 number bets, such as the columns or dozens.

By playing in such a way, you will be reducing your risk to the absolute minimum, and as such you should benefit from longer playing sessions, and hopefully, if your number spins in, a slow increase in your bankroll.

Below we have listed an overview of how you should be looking to play Roulette in this low variance way, so have a good read through it, to see if it appeals to you!

  • Always set your chip values to the minimum permitted ones.
  • Try and place wagers on the even money paying wagers.
  • Place occasional dozen or columns bets for added coverage.
  • Never place more than 1/20 of your bankroll on the table in bets.
  • Ideally aim to cover 75% of the numbers on the wheel in wagers.

The one thing to keep in mind when playing in this way, is that it will be a slow grind, so ensure you have plenty of available time when playing low variance wagers.

Another good idea would be to keep a winning goal in mind when playing low variance types of wagers on the Roulette wheel, a 25 to 50 percent increase in your bankroll would be a good time to stop playing.

Once you have reached this winning goal, then stop playing and mark that session down as a winning one!

Tips For Increasing Your Roulette Bankroll

If you want the absolute maximum value from your Roulette bankroll, as any savvy Roulette player would do, then you should seriously consider playing online, and this is where the value can be gained.

Do some research when finding an online casino at which to play, as each one will offer all new players who sign up and play in real money mode, some form of welcome bonus.

These welcome bonuses can be quite large in nature, often you can double or even triple the value of your very first deposit by claiming a welcome sign up bonus.

However in regards to accepting a casino bonus, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind, and the main one is to check whether you can actually play Roulette with that bonus, as sometime you are not allowed too!

Another thing to check is whether the bonus has any form of play through requirement, or if you are only allowed to place wagers upto a certain amount per spin you play.

Whilst casino bonuses can be a very good value of increasing your Roulette bankroll, always go through the terms and conditions of the bonus with a fine tooth comb before you start to place your wagers onto the table!

In most cases players will shy away from taking a bonus, as by playing without one they have full control of which games they can play, and when they can cash out their winnings, if of course they are indeed winning.