Online Roulette Tips

The easiest way to play Roulette is of course by playing online. There are literally thousands of places online who let you play roulette either completely free of charge or for real money.

We would advise you to take your time when choosing a site to play Roulette at, as by carefully shopping around you can not only get some great value, but will not make the mistake of playing at a poorly run site.

There are plenty of online Roulette tips we would like to share with you, so have a good look through our guide to playing online Roulette below, and let us showcase the very best ways and games to play.

Where to Play Roulette Online

So, if you are all ready to play Roulette online, then your first point of call will of course be an online casino. With so many of them available to world wide players, they are plenty of them to choose from!

Below is our guide to where to play Roulette online, and by paying careful attention to the following points, you should find the perfect site at which to play:

  • Make sure the casino accepts players from your jurisdiction.
  • Never be forced to play in a different currency to your home currency.
  • Top online casinos utilize one of the major software providers games.
  • Make sure the casino is fully licensed and holds a valid gaming license.
  • Monthly audits are important so check whether they are performed.

On the best run and operated online casinos websites you will find a payout percentage verification certificate. This will have been compiled by a major online casino auditing company, and will prove the casinos Roulette games are fair and true.

Try not to be forced to play at an online casino solely on the size of the welcome bonus offer, as it is often the case a poorly run operation will offer massive bonuses, but will not give you the best service or fast payouts!

Best Roulette Odds

The odds of any Roulette variant are of course totally dependant on which Roulette game you are playing. The French Roulette variant is the most popular game online due to its low house edge.

However you will come across many different unique variants, these are offered by certain software companies and these Roulette games often come with an additional side bet type wagering option.

There is one commonly played online Roulette game known as Hot Streak Roulette, when playing this game you can place a side wager on a set of six numbers on the Roulette wheel.

If any of the six numbers spin in, on your selected side bet, then a bonus payout is awarded to you, and that sidebet remains in place for several additional spins.

Should any of the numbers in your bonus sidebet win consecutively then you could win a payout of 25,000 times your bonus bet amount, which is certainly much better than the 35 to 1 odds offered for a single straight up number!

Best Online Roulette Strategy

When it comes to putting into play an online Roulette playing strategy then most players will just go for it! This means they will simply place their chips all over the betting layout and hope for the best.

However, some players will play for tiny stakes at first, and should their chosen numbers start to spin in they will slowly increase their wagered amounts, in the hope of continuing on their winning streak.

The best online Roulette strategy is probably one where you set a winning and losing goal before you start to play. As Roulette is completely random, then having these goals in place before you start to play will ensure you know exactly when to stop playing.

When you sign up to any online casino, one handy tip is for you to double check to see if the casino in question has automatically enrolled you into their casino comp club. If they haven’t then make sure you become a member.

All of the casino comp clubs offered by all online casinos let you earn points when you play Roulette for real money, and these points keep on accumulating as you play the games more and more.

The idea behind these comp clubs is quite simple, and that is you will be able to swap your accumulated comp points for free casino chips, which will then allow you to play Roulette at no cost!

However always read through the rules of each casinos comp club, and look at the redemption levels, as there are lots of differences to be found, and some are not as generous as others!

Tips for Playing Roulette Online for Free

Before you play online Roulette for real money, then why not sample the delights of this new way of playing by logging into a casino as a guest player, as by doing this you will be able to play completely free of charge.

By playing in this way you can then test out the casinos software and all of their Roulette variants to see if they are of the quality you are looking for, and if not then you have not lost anything by testing them out for free!

We should point out that some online casinos, the poorly run and unprofessionally run sites, will fiddle with their free play Roulette games, to make them appear more generous than they really are.

So always stick to the best known online casino software companies’ Roulette games and casinos, as their Roulette games will always operate the same in both free play mode or the real money mode!

So why wait, checkout some of the many different online casinos offering Roulette, and out them through their paces, and let us hope you have plenty of winning sessions!

If you do, then always try and lock in all of your winnings, by making a cash out, never be tempted to carry on playing for too long as you could lose back those winnings!