A Guide To Online Roulette

In general, playing roulette online is a pretty similar experience to playing in a casino. The rules are the same, the interface includes graphics and sounds that make things look and feel just a normal roulette game, and you’ll earn the same payouts when you win.

However, there are some differences between online roulette and the brick-and-mortar version. Playing Internet roulette does come with some advantages, along with a couple of differences you might not appreciate until you actually start playing.

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Advantages of Online Roulette

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages to playing roulette online is the convenience it offers. Rather than having to drive or fly to a casino in order to play, you can simply load your favorite casino software and start playing. This immediately saves you money on travel and lodging. If you wish to play online roulette we recommend checking out 888 Casino. For more information regarding which online casinos to play at, check out our list of recommended online roulette casinos.

But there are other advantages that are less obvious. For one, you have much more control over the stakes you can play at when playing online roulette when compared to playing at a land-based casino. While most land-based casino roulette games have at least a $5 minimum bet (and are often much higher), many online roulette games can be played for $1 or less.

Players also have much more control over the pace of the game in online roulette. In a live roulette game, the croupier (or roulette “dealer”) controls the action, keeping the game moving at a steady pace.

In online roulette, though, the player is entirely in charge. If you want the game to be played at a slow, leisurely pace, you can do so. On the other hand, if you’d prefer the game to be played faster, you can trigger spins more quickly; many online roulette games even feature “turbo” options that allow you to speed the game up further.

Finally, online roulette allows you to take advantage of the kinds of promotions and bonuses that land-based casinos just can’t match. Virtually every online casino will give you bonus money to play with just for opening a new account and making a deposit. These bonuses almost always allow you to play roulette, and can sometimes be worth hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars for roulette players.

Other Online Roulette Differences

There are a couple of other differences you’ll quickly notice when playing online roulette. These aren’t really advantages or disadvantages, but just things that don’t exactly match the live casino experience.

The obvious one here is the fact that Internet roulette doesn’t have the social component that’s such a big part of playing in a real live casino. Obviously, it’s a different kind of experience to have players at the tables with you than to play alone at home. Depending on how you feel about the typical casino crowd, this could be a positive or a negative.

Another fairly obvious difference between live and online roulette games is the fact that online roulette doesn’t actually use a real ball, wheel or table to play the game. Instead, all of the results are produced by a random number generator, which produces the kind of results you’d expect from a perfect, absolutely unbiased roulette wheel.

Again, this is the kind of change that some players enjoy, while others do not. You may prefer knowing that the game is completely free from the biases and is truly random; on the other hand, you might prefer the transparency of being able to see a physical wheel and ball produce results.

Interestingly, a few online casinos have made efforts to create online roulette games that more closely resemble live roulette. These “live dealer” roulette games allow players to watch a video stream of a real croupier spinning an actual roulette wheel, while still allowing the player the convenience of making their bets from home. Click Here to play Online Roulette