European Roulette Tips

There are plenty of places both online and offline where you can play European Roulette. It is the most played Roulette variant in the world, and as such you will have no problems locating somewhere to play this popular casino table game.

Being such a popular gambling game, there are lots of players constantly looking around for the best European Roulette playing tips and strategies, and with this in mind we have a few of our own hints and tips detailed below for you to checkout.

Have a good read through them all, we cannot of course give you any guarantees that you are going to have a winning session when you next play European Roulette online, but these tips will give you an insight into the best ways to play.

Best Online Casinos for European Roulette

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Best Odds

The payout odds of all European Roulette games are exactly the same, however if you are new to the game, then below are the most popular wagers you can play on any European Roulette game.

  • Straight Up Wager – The payout odds are 35 to 1
  • Split Wager – The payout odds are 17 to 1
  • Street Wager – The payout odds are 11 to 1
  • Corner Wager – The payout odds are 8 to 1
  • Six Line Wager – The payout odds are 5 to 1
  • Dozen Wager – The payout odds are 2 to 1
  • Column Wager – The payout odds are 2 to 1
  • Red/Black Wager – The payout odds are 1 to 1
  • Odd/Even Wager – The payout odds are 1 to 1
  • Low/High Wager – The payout odds are 1 to 1

We should point out however, when you are playing European Roulette online, then you need to be aware that there will be various minimum and maximum table stakes in play.

It is dependent on which online casino you are playing at in regards to just how low or how high these table stakes are. So if you are playing with a small bankroll, then shop around to find a low stake European Roulette game.

Some casinos have limits as low as 0.01 on their Roulette games, however the most standard minimum permitted wager is 0.10 and occasionally as high as 1.00! So choose your site casino wisely, to guarantee you find a game you can afford to play.

Choosing the Best Online Casino

If you wish to play European Roulette online, then never be in any sort of rush to simply play at any online casino, as this is where many new players run into all kinds of problems.

You need to compile your very own checklist of wants and demands from any online casino at which you play at, and below we have compiled one which should ensure you never run into any kinds of problems.

  • Play only at online casinos which uses a well know software platform.
  • Any casino at which you play must be fully licensed and regulated.
  • Make sure their games and random number generators are audited.
  • Play the casino games in free play mode before playing for real.
  • Check their track record for paying players is spotless.
  • Only play at casinos who let you play in your own currency.

You may also have several additional requirements and expectations from an online casino, only play at your chosen site if it ticks all the right boxes, and never settle for second best.

Ideally you will be looking to play at online casinos who have been online and providing players with a first class service for over ten years, that may seem like a lot of years, but many casinos online have been online for much longer.

You really will be running the chance of hitting problems if you play at new casinos using software platforms and games supplied by companies you have never heard of, or who do not have any track record! So buyer beware and always checkout where you are thinking of playing!

Variants of European Roulette

Whilst there are many standard European Roulette games available in both online and land based casinos, when you choose to play this table game online you will come across lots of different variants of the game.

So if you are looking for a more exciting and a potentially better set of winning payouts then it may just pay for you to play these unique European Roulette variants, some of which we have listed below for you.

Expert/Premier Roulette -These types of European Roulette games boast additional playing features some of which will let you preset your own set of numbers.

Then you can place your favourite bets simply by clicking one button, instead of having to place them all onto the betting layout one at a time.

3 Wheel Roulette – This is a very novel European Roulette variant, and instead of there being just one ball in play, there are three wheels and therefore three chances of having a winning spin on each game you play!

Hot Streak Roulette – This particular European Roulette game will let you select several additional sidebet wagers, and these give you the chance of winning a set of special payouts, which keep on increasing the more times your chosen set of 6 numbers consecutively spin in.

Pinball Roulette – This European Roulette variant will see you playing the game on a pinball type game where the ball doesn’t spin round a wheel but drops down a pinball type screen. It will also give you the ability of gambling any winnings which you have won.

Multi Player Roulette – No longer will you have to play Roulette online on your own, as more and more online casinos are opening up multi-player European Roulette table games.

Whenever you sit down to play these games, you will be playing alongside other players who could be anywhere in the world. You will also be able to chat to them via the chat room facility.

So why not try something completely different, and try your luck on any one of the brand new European Roulette games, with a bit of luck you could end up having a very profitable playing session!