Casino Roulette Tips

If you have recently discovered the exciting game of Roulette, and be itching to play it, then often the Roulette table can be quite an intimidating place for new, novice players.

However, we are glad to report, once you have a basic understanding of how the game works and operates, and have a general idea of the etiquette which you will find around the Roulette table, you will soon be playing like a professional!

Below we have listed several different casino Roulette tips, which will help you not only find the very best Roulette game to play, but will also guide you through all the different aspects of playing.

Landbased Casino Tips

The thing to keep in mind when you play in a land based casino, is that there will be many different Roulette tables open and available to you, however there will be many differences in them.

The type of Roulette variant game often will be different, and as such you will need to know which one to play, as each variant will offer a different house edge depending on the game in play.

Below are the three different Roulette tables most commonly found in land based casinos, and we have also listed the house edge found on each one of them:

  • American Roulette – The House edge on this game is 5.26%.
  • European Roulette – This game has a house edge of 2.70%.
  • French Roulette – The lowest house edge game (1.35%).

As you can see from the above figures, the game you will be hunting around for in a land based casino is the French variant due to the small house edge.

Also be aware that each Roulette table will have both a minimum and maximum table stake limit. At the side of where the Croupier is positioned you will find a small wooden sign.

This will clearly indicate both the minimum stake permitted and the maximum stake permitted for that Roulette game. So find one which you are comfortable with and can afford to play!


You will of course want to be adhering to the Roulette etiquette which is found around a Roulette table, and as such here are a few pointers to be aware of when playing Roulette in a land based venue:

Buy-In – When you first approach the table and require some playing chips, catch the Croupiers eye, discreetly, then place your bank notes next to where they are stood and not onto the betting layout.

Chip Values – The Croupier may ask you what you wish the chip values to be, and then you will be given your uniquely coloured chips. Keep these off the betting layout but close to yourself, so you can keep your eyes on them.

Placing a Wager – You can only place a wager onto the Roulette table betting layout once the Croupier has stated “Place your bets now please”, once the Croupier has stated “no more bets” then do not attempt to place any more wagers onto the table!

Payouts – If you have had a winning wager, the Croupier will pay you and any other winning players out in turn, so never demand your winnings, the casino has a set way of paying out winners on a Roulette game, and you will get yours when its your turn!

Croupier – It is the Croupier who is in charge of the Roulette game you are playing, however, they are also there to help you, so if you have any questions, or simply need to place an out of reach wager, then they will always be more than happy to help.

Tipping – You are never under any obligation to tip the Croupier or casino staff when playing Roulette in a land based venue. The decision to tip is totally upto yourself. Should you have had a winning session then you can of course always flip them a chip or a few chips!

Choosing the Right Roulette Game

As we have mentioned above, there are three different types of Roulette games you will find in most casinos, always track down and play the lowest house edge variant offered in that particular venue.

Another handy tip for choosing which Roulette game to play is to try and find a table with not many players playing. This will ensure the games are quicker playing, as no time will be wasted by the Croupier having to pay out winners etc.

If you are too nervous to play at a real live Roulette table, then more and more casinos will now let you play an electronic type of Roulette game, which is directly linked to the live tables.

These electronic Roulette games let you join in the action, but enable you to sit in comfort away form the actual table and place your wagers remotely, onto the live table game!

Live Casino Roulette Rules

More and more online casinos are offering a brand new way for you to play Roulette online, and instead of playing against a random number generator, video software type format of game, you can play Live Roulette.

How live Roulette works is that you can log on from your own home, office, or in fact anywhere you have an internet connection, and then, via a live video link up you can see all of the action in real time.

You can then place your real money wagers onto these Live Roulette tables instantly, and with a click of your mouse! The beauty of these types of Roulette games is that they all play in real time and you are never left feeling cheated!

By being able to monitor every single thing that is happening around the Roulette table, via the video stream, you will find this new way of playing Roulette online could become a firm favorite of yours!

Once you have played Roulette which uses a random number generator and then play these Live Roulette games, you will find the latter are much more social as you can also chat to the Croupiers and other players via a chat box!