Best Roulette Tips

As online Roulette players have discovered, some online casinos will quite happily allow you to play any Roulette system on their games, whilst some will instantly ban you should you try playing a Roulette system on their games!

Due to the way in which Roulette works, each variant offered has a built in house edge, which guarantees that the casino is going to profit from that particular game over its life time of online operation.

So, should you like playing Roulette systems, them always avoid the poorly run casinos online, who, due to their fear and lack of knowledge of the game of Roulette will ban you for playing any such system.

Below you will find some handy Roulette tips and Roulette systems which whilst never guaranteeing you will end the game in profit, may tickle your fancy and offer you short term winning sessions!

Best European Roulette System

The most common European Roulette system that you will come across, is any system whereby a bonus is utilized. All online casinos will give away bonuses, and this is where savvy European Roulette players will look to maximum their winning potential

Whilst the game of European Roulette does not boast the lowest house edge of all casino games, it is often much lower than slot games, and as such should you be looking to have a winning session consider playing in the following way.

Look out for a casino bonus which can be used on the game of European Roulette, this is the first and most important requirement of a casinos bonus and as such if this game is allowed with a bonus then move onto the next step.

The amount of the bonus offered is important, and in the idea situation you should be looking for bonuses which are greater in value than 100%, so an example of a good bonus to take would be a 150% or 200% deposit bonus.

Next is the play through requirement which is attached to that particular bonus. The house edge on European Roulette is 2.70%, and as such you will, on average, lose 2.70 per 100.00 you have wagered on the European Roulette table.

With this in the forefront of your mind, then be aware that any European Roulette bonus which has a play through requirement attached to the bonus only of a value greater than 37% is a bad one to accept.

This is due to 37 x 2.70 = 99.90, as and such you will only stand to win 0.10 when playing with much a bonus! So look out for bonus which have the lowest play through requirements attached to them.

Plus only play bonuses on which you need to play through the bonus only x amounts of times, and not the deposited amount as well!

Play Roulette Systems Online

One Roulette system which many novice players are in awe of is the Martingale system. Experienced Roulette players leave this high risk system well alone, as it can be a bankroll killer!

The Martingale system is fairly straight forward to understand, all you need to do is to pick an even money wager and stick to playing it throughout the duration of each session.

So, let us use an example of a martingale system in play, and you will soon see why it is a very high risk, low reward type of Roulette system, that whilst can produce regular profits, it can also cause you to bust out very quickly.

Below we will show you the structure of the system, in our example we have chosen the Black Number bet as the wagering option used. You simply double your previous bet should a Red or Zero spin in.

The betting pattern you will play, should Black not spin in for several spins is as follows: 1.00, 2.00, 4.00, 8.00, 16.00, 32.00, 64.00, 128.00, 256.00.

As you can see from the above betting pattern, if you have eight losing spins on the trot you will have lost a total of 511.00, and you will have lost that amount of cash trying to win just 1.00!

As most online casinos have a maximum table stake limit of 500.00, then you will not be able to place the next bet in the sequence which is 512.00, and as such will be suffering from huge loss!

Our tip when you come across the Martingale system is to leave it well alone, whilst from time to time you can have great success when playing it, there will always come a time when a bad run of numbers completely wipes out all of the profit you have previously made!

Flat Betting Roulette Systems

One type of Roulette system is known as the flat betting system. This is where a player will stick to placing the same bet amount over and over again, in the hope that their chosen number spins in more often that the opposite event occurring.

An example of this is where a player will stick to placing a 5.00 chip on the Odd numbers wager, he or she is simply hoping that the odd numbers will spin in more times, in that particular session, than the even numbers do.

Some players however will put into play a flat betting Roulette system on one straight up wager, the most common type of wager will be a one unit stake wager on the zero.

This will guarantee that they have a huge number of spins per session they play, whilst at the same time locking in a profit should that one number spin in at least one time every 35 spins.

Should however, that zero not spin in for a long while they still have enough in reserve, thanks to betting a minimum stakes to hopefully ride out the losing streak.

It is however, completely upto yourself whether you play a Roulette system or not, but if you do consider using one then you will need to keep a very level head and be very disciplined in your game play.

It is very easy to get bored when playing a system and as such many players will soon start to deviate from their chosen system, and this is where often a winning session turns into a losing one!